Zeal Outreach Ministries are highly committed to evangelism with a fire burning within to share the love and passion of God to men, women and children. Zeal’s focus since its foundation in 2008 is reaching and teaching the Good News, proclaiming it to every tribe and kindred in the world that JESUS IS LORD!

Recent Blog Posts

  • Liberia Mission 2017

    Sometimes things don’t workout how you’ve planned, “do they?” Especially when your doing something that makes you feel good. Even after you’ve prayed and you...

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  • Mirror of Christ

    Wonderful to be back with my “Jungle Family” the Orang Asli tribe in the central peninsular of Malaysia. It is absolutely marvellous to see the...

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  • Peter Brown

    Testimony of Peter Brown

    2016 The prayer from my heart was, “Lord I don’t know how much longer I have on this earth, days, weeks, months, years or tens...

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